Direct Metals (DMI) releases new off ridge vents ORV’s for Shingles or Tile and more new shingle roofing product news

Direct Metals,  Inc. is happy to announce two new off ridge ventilation products.

The Bullet Stealth off Ridge Vent and the Bullet Stealth Mini Off Ridge Vent.

These vents are for air exhaust or intake. Available in both a lower profile shingle roofing style and a taller version for clay / concrete tile roofing systems.

35 year warranty, hail resistant and wind driven rain and structurally tested to meet the needs of harsh climates.

Follow this link for more information on DMI Ventilation Products


In addition to the new off ridge vent products above, DMI has added a few new pipe flashings and have updated our residential shingle roofing accessory catalog.

If you would like to view a new copy Click Here to download our updated 2022 Residential Shingle Product Catalog  .