Pricing increase for April and May 2022 , Future Guidance, Product Releases.



April 9th 2022 increases:

ITW Polymers & Sealants

7120 Permathane Tube Sealant                       5%

5504 Acryl-R Self Levelling Sealant               5%

5430 Acryl-R Non Skinning  Acrylic “Butyl Caulk” SSR Sealant   8%

All Sizes of Tacky Tape Butyl Tape                 5%


May 1st 2022 increases:

ST Fasteners/DMI Fasteners / Metal Building Products:

#10, #14 Direct*Seal Mbit Fasteners              8.5%

#10 Direct*Seal ZXL Fasteners                        10%

#12 SteelBinder and MAXX SD Fasteners    11%

#9 WoodZIP SCAMP MBIT/ST-XL Fasteners 10%

#12, #14 ZXL SteelBinder/SteelZIP SD Fasteners 10%

EMSEAL Expanding Universal Closure Rolls 10%

5V, 3/4” Rib and R Panel Fillerstrip Closure Strips 10%


May 8th 2022 increases:

Peel & Seal 6″ Membrane Rolls              8.0%

Metal Roofing Pipe and EMC Conduit Flashings              6.0%

Shingle Roofing EMC Conduit Flashings     6.0%

Aluminum Base Residential Flashings    25%

Full Stainless Steel Fasteners Panclip, WoodZIP and More  6%



Updated Catalog:

The new 2022 Direct Metals Inc (DMI) catalog is now available in print form.

Please ask your salesperson for a copy.


Future guidance on pricing and availability of product:

It is shaping up to be an incredible year with a plethora of geopolitical and domestic pressures to push energy and transportation costs well above last years cost and costs from 2020.  Some relief in steel pricing has been seen recently which will help the costing of some products while continuing escalation in some elements such as nickle (Ni) will continue to push stainless steel products higher throughout the end of the year.  Availability of fasteners are improving, while the allocation of the chemicals to produce sealants and tape continue to lag behind demand. Low slope fasteners continue to be a hot commodity with all of our allocation of the DEKFAST Fastener line currently sold through February 2023.  Some relief is coming in the form of the Panclip SDL HD fastener  line and generic  3” Insulation plates, arriving soon.

On a positive note polycarbonate production has returned to pre-pandemic lead times and we see that trend continuing through out the end of the year. New products entering the market are helping with shortages in other areas. The addition of a small and large off ridge vent to the Bullet Boot and Vent family of products, will help alleviate some of the metal off ridge vent shortages.