Concealed Fastener Panel Clips Description

DMI offers off the shelf or made to order panel clips to fit the panels you manufacture. DMI has extensive private label and private name stamping capabilities for our standing seam panel clips. Standard offerings include Mechanical Lock, SnapLock, and Batten Seam clips for manufacturers panel machines such a Quadro, Newtech, Rollformer Corp, and Zimmerman.

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450SL Snaplock Panel Clip HD


2″ Mechanical Lock 1 PC Floating/Expansion Clip for Newtech or Quadro Standing Seam Panels

Snaplock Clip 1″ Quadro QSL 18GA HD Panel Clip (1″ QSL HD)

Snow Guards for Standing Seam Panel

Snaplock Clip 1-1/2″ Quadro QSL Econo 20ga LD Panel Clip (1-1/2″ QSL LD)

SL150 Snaplock Clip 1-1/2″ Quadro QSL 18ga HD Panel Clip (1-1/2″ QSL HD)

Snaplock Clip 1-1/2″ Newtech 550 HD Panel Clip

1-3/4″ Snaplock Clip Econo Clip LD 18ga Panel Clip for NT675, SL175

1-3/4″ Snaplock Clip for Newtech 675, SL175, 18ga Heavy Duty HD Panel Clip

Mechanical Lock 1″ Panel (1-1/8″) Fixed Clip

Mechanical Lock 1-1/2″ Panel (1-5/8″) Fixed Clip Selection 2″,3″,6-1/4″

Mechanical Lock 2″ Quadro Fixed Panel Clip

Mechanical Lock 2″ Newtech Fixed Panel Clip

1-1/2″ and 2″ Butterfly Style 2 PC Floating / Expansion Standing Seam Panel Clip