Florida approved pipe flashing for metal roofing #3 FBC approved

Florida Building Code Approved Flashings and Vents Description

If you are looking for a pipe or conduit flashing that will meet the requirement for the Florida Building Code please see our selections below.

Direct Metals Inc pipe flashings for metal roofing penetrations are the first to receive a Florida Building Code FBC approval number. These FBC approved flashings are available to flash plumbing pipes, electrical mast connections commonly called power poles or electrical services through metal roofing panel installations.

In addition to our line of Florida Code Approved Metal Roofing Pipe flashings, we also offer products that have been approved for Shingle roofing applications.

Our Residential retrofit Masterflash part is the first shingle roofing Electrical Mast Connection flashing to receive a Florida Building Code Approval # .
The FBC approved EMC flashings complement our line of Bullet Boot Pipe flashings for shingles that also has Florida Code approval.

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Bullet Stealth Off Ridge Vent Shingle or Tile ORV FBC Hail Resistant

Bullet Stealth II Mini Off Ridge Vent ORV

Gray Round EPDM Pipe Flashings for Metal Roofing FBC Approved

Retrofit EMC Flashings for Metal Roofing Square Base FBC Approved Electrical Mast Flashing

Residential Masterflash Retrofit EMC Flashing for Shingle Roofing Florida Building Code Approved

The Bullet Boot Florida Code Approved Pipe Flashing for Shingle Roofing Pipe Penetrations

Bullet Gooseneck Vent Florida Code Approved Kitchen or Dryer Vent for Shingle or Tile Roof