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Tube Sealant, Metal Roofing Sealant Colors, SW Geocel Sealants, ITW Polymers, Schnee Morehead SM Products and Others Description

DMI offers sealant from a few select manufacturers available in colors to complement metal roofing panels. Most colors are sold in full case quantities and may not be combined with other DMI products. Sealants may ship from the factory or a DMI service Center depending on stock availability.
DMI offers:
Geocel 4350 Hybrid Metal Roofing Sealant
Geocel Phantom Metal Roofing Sealant
Geocel 2300 Tripolymer Sealant
Geocel 2320 Narrow Joint Sealant
SM 5522 Acryl-R
SM 7108 Permathane (now discontinue)
SM 5430 SSR Acrylic “Butyl” Caulking
Boss 535 Polyerethane Sealant
Bostik ( Bostic ) Duo-Sil Ultra Sealant
Bostik (Bostic) 915 Sealant
and Others.

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Geocel 2320 Narrow Joint Sealant, Gutter Sealant Clear

Geocel 2300 Clear Tripolymer Sealant Tubes

Geocel Phantom Color Match Translucent Sealant

Geocel 4350 Hybrid Metal Roofing Sealant

Acryl-R 5430 SSR Sealant Non Skinning Acrylic Butyl Style Caulk

Bostik 915 Dade County Approved Polyurethane Sealant