Direct Metals, Inc. benefits from Skylight replacement

Direct Metals Inc has been working to spread awareness of the benefits of our Polycarbonate skylight panels.  We recently replaced the 7 year old Fiberglass translucent (barely) panels in our S.E service center in N. Ft Myers Florida.  12 panels were replaced with the help of CFS Roofing Services, 10 panels with our 1.5mm White MR12 panels , one with our 1.5mm clear MR12 panels, and one with a Sunsky 1mm Bronze/Solar Gray tinted panel.  The transition of our warehouse was beyond expectation.  On sunny days (in SW Florida we have many) the warehouse is brighter without our overhead electric lighting, than the previous combination of skylights and electric lighting. The new translucent panels have described as HID lighting for our warehouse, creating a safer working environment.  Please consider our story and consider upgrading your warehouse today.