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Metal Roofing Replacement Fasteners MTW Description

DMI replacement fasteners are designed to be a direct replacement for old, worn, rusted or backed out fasteners. These fasteners or “Goofscrews” have oversized shank diameters to allow contractors to pull out old fasteners and install these new fasteners in the existing whole. Long life options are available such as ZAC Zinc alloy capped fasteners and SCAMP 304 Stainless Steel Capped head with warranties and guarantees against fastener head corrosion.

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Metal roofing to Wood replacement screw, #12 SCAMP Stainless Cap Head

SCAMP 5/16″ SSC Self Drilling Metal Building Replacement Fastener

Replacement Fasteners for Roofing – Goof Screw Selection Guide 2018

#14 Woodgrip Tapper

Grommet Seal SS for polycarbonate and fiberglass panel stitch

Stainless Steel Tapper Tapping Screws full 304 Stainless Steel Replacement & Polycarbonate Fasteners

Metal Roofing Repair and Replacement Fasteners for Wood

#14 WoodZAC Tapper ZAC Replacement Repair Screw

#17 WoodZAC ZAC Tapper ZAC Replacement Fastener

#17 Stainless Steel 304 Cap Head Replacement Fasteners

#17 Tapper Replacement Fasteners

#21 Tapper Replacement Fasteners .351″ x 1″ Bumble Bee Goof Screw