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Bullet Boots - The original Bullet Boot pipe flashing for shingle roofing pipe penetrations Description

The bullet boot for flashing for pipe penetrations through shingle roofs.

Slide on the pipe design that becomes your flashing and pipe guard all in one. Comes with a pest screen and is made a non toxic lead free material with a 35 year warranty.

The Bullet Boot is available in popular shingle colors and sizes to fit 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ pipes.

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The Bullet California Boot (Tall Bullet Boot with Large Base Flange)

The Bullet Boot (The Original Bullet Boot 35 year flashing)

The Bullet Boot Florida Code Approved Pipe Flashing for Shingle Roofing Pipe Penetrations

Bullet Products Warranty and Claim Form

Please see a link above for warranty information and claim forms.


Click here for the Florida Specific Installation Guide for Bullet Boots: