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Post Frame Construction Products Description

DMI and Direct Metals of Indiana specialize in Post Frame Building Components and accessories designed for wood frame commercial residential and animal confinement construction. Post frame screws and fasteners, Razorback Ridgevent, PVC liner panels, vinyl windows, poly-carbonate translucent panels, cupolas, door track and trolley, sliding door kits, door rail, butyl tape, panel clips, closure strips and much much more instock and ready to ship to our distributor network.

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2017 Direct Metals Inc Building Products Catalog

Utility Exterior Man Doors AL26 Aluminum Frame


1-1/2″ Sliding Door Frame System

Lead Free Pipe Flashings from Direct Metals Inc

Stainless Steel Snow Guards Snow Trax

Razorback RidgeVent Plus for Metal Roofing

ProfileVent Ventilated Closure 3′ Strip Ridge Vent

Fillerstrip Profile Specific Foam Closure Strips

Direct*Seal Universal Foam Closure Rolls

Bostik 915 Dade County Approved Polyurethane Sealant

5522 Acryl R Clear Acrylic Sealant

Vinyl Windows 9000 Series

Stainless Steel Trim Nails

#10-15 WOODZIP TP-17 Metal to Wood Fasteners with Miami-Dade Listing L 16-1206.07

ladderSTEADY Ladder tie off to Drip Edge Securing Device