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Masonry Fasteners - Tapcon Redhead Description

Masonry fastening solutions for specifications that require top quality parts that are Made in the U.S.A. DMI is a ITW master distributor that offers their popular brands such as Tapcon, Redhead, Sammys, E-Z, and Epcon.

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NAILIN – Drive Pin Masonry Anchors

Tapcon Masonry Screw Blue Hex Head American Made

Tapcon Masonry Screw PFH Tapcon Phillips Head Blue American Made

Tapcon Stainless Steel 410SS Silver Masonry Screw Anchor American Made

Tapcon Window Screw White Trim Head Tapcon PFH

LDT Tapcon – Large Diameter Tapcon

Sammys Suspension Anchors for Concrete (CST for Threaded Rod)

EPCON G5 High Strength Epoxy

EPCON A7 Acrylic Adhesive

EPCON S7 Hybrid Epoxy Anchor

EPCON C6+ Epoxy Anchor

#14 ZAC Anchor ZAC Concrete Screw