bugle head wafer head wood screws

Wood to Wood - Decking & Structural Wood Screws Description

Wood to wood fasteners designed and used for popular applications such as firing strip applications, deck and pier construction and installation of composite wood materials to wood substrates. Most styles are available with corrosion resistant coatings or in 305 stainless steel.
DMI has recently released a full line of structural wood screws in 1/4″ and 5/16″ diameters designed for single and multi-ply truss, column, header and joist applications. Recently IBC 1703 approved and coated to meet ASTM A153 standards ConnexTite structural wood screws exceed industry standards for strength and corrosion resistance .

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PowerPro Construction Wood Lag Screws and Structural Wood Fasteners

Timbertite Hex Wood to Wood Fastener

ConnexTite Structural Wood Screws

#9 x 2-1/2″ Decking Screws for Pressure Treated T25 6 lobe drive

#8, #10 Economy Priced Decking Screws

#9 x 3″ Decking Screw with ACQ Coating

#14-13 Panclip SDL Long Length Pancake Head Commercial Screws MTW/MTM/MTC Miami-Dade Listed L 21-0630.03

Stainless Steel Decking and Tile Roofing Screws

#14 Dekfast Nailboard / Insulated Panel Fasteners

#14 – 13 Panclip-SS-SD-L Long Length Stainless Steel Pancake Head Screws MTW/MTM

Please contact DMI for Submittal and technical information .

Please contact DMI for Submittal and technical information .