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Wood to Metal - Self Drilling Screws Description

DMI offers a wide variety of fasteners specifically designed for the installation of plywood, 1″ x 4″ or 2″ x 4″ dimensional lumber to steel beam or metal deck substrates. Our Panclip line of premium fasteners are popular for wood attachment to metal as well as nailboard or firing strip attachment to metal.

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DMI XLP Wood to Metal Fasteners, Plywood and 2×4 to metal or steel screw

Wood to Metal Self Drilling Econo Zinc Plated Screws

TEKS(TM) Wood To Steel Fasteners

#14-13 Panclip SDL Long Length Pancake Head Commercial Screws MTW/MTM/MTC Miami-Dade Listed L 21-0630.03

#14 Dekfast Nailboard / Insulated Panel Fasteners

Panclip SD Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fasteners No washer