Polycarbonate, Fiberglass & PVC Fasteners, Accessories and fasteners for Translucent and Light Transmitting Panels Description

Fasteners designed for the installation of translucent panels and PVC liner panels. Stainless steel fasteners with oversized washers ideal for predrilled polycarbonate sheeting can be the perfect fastener for installation into wood, steel or aluminum substrates. DMI offers a full line of stainless steel fasteners for polycarbonate panels that are approved by PC manufacturers for installation of light transmitting corrugated translucent panels.

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Translucent Panel Fasteners (all Stainless Steel or with Stainless Steel Washers) Pictorial Guide by Application

Grommet Seal SS for polycarbonate and fiberglass panel stitch

Fasteners for light transmitting panels and PVC Panels