Self Drilling Screws With Washers Description

Self Drilling Fasteners designed to drill and tap into steel substrates. The offerings below are commonly used for metal panel attachment to steel framing and come assembled with a bonded or sealing washer. Various quality levels and corrosions resistance are available. Premium long life fasteners such as the SCAMP SD , ZXL SD, Bi-Metal SD, or ZAC XD are suggested for all metal building roofing application that require long life performance.

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#21 SCAMP 5/16″ SSC Self Drilling Metal Building Replacement Fastener

SteelZIP SCAMP 304SS Stainless Cap Head Self Drilling Metal to Metal Fasteners, Miami-Dade Approved Listed Metal Building Screw

ZXL SteelZIP SD Long Life Self Drilling Fasteners

304 Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Self Drilling Fasteners

Impax Self Drilling Fasteners

Impax & SteelZIP HG HD Self Drilling #5 Fasteners

Impax Stitch Lap Self Drilling Fasteners

#12-14 ZAC Long Life Self Drilling Fastener

#12-24 x 1-1/2″ ZAC HG SD5 Long Life Self Drilling Fastener

1/4-14 ZAC #14 ZAC Long Life Self Drilling Fastener ZAC SD Replacement Fastener

#14 x 7/8″ ZAC Stitch Lap, 1/4-14 x 7/8″ SD1 ZAC Longlife Stitch Screw

Eclipse Low Profile Head Screws with Rubber Sealing Washer