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Permathane 7108 Polyurethane Sealant Description

Permathane® SM7108 is a one component, gun-grade, non-sag, moisture-cure polyurethane sealant. This High Performance product is designed with outstanding UV resistance and long term durability with a proven record in tough climates around the world. Permathane is the choice of true professional installers. 7108 Permathane is an excellent repair sealant due to its moisture cure properties. Permathane can be installed underwater or damp areas and achieve 95% of its full bonding capability. Ideal for mill finish and painted metal roofing panels, window installation, gutter installation and repair and much more. Premium antifungal agents and bonding capabilities.

• Accommodates 50% joint movement • Easy to gun – Easy to tool • Permanently flexible • Paintable – non-sticky after cure • VOC compliant • Extra strong bonding, that borders on adhesive sealant properties • Primerless adhesion to construction substrates, including galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete, glass, Galvalume®, Zincalume®, Kynar 500®, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass
• Metal Roofing • Tilt-wall joints • Perimeter joints around windows and doors
• Masonry expansion joints • Flashings • Gutter installation and repair
• Air conditioning mounts • Expansion wall joints • Sealing Damp areas
• Sealing around roof and wall penetrations • Bedding window mounting flanges

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