Panclip Low Profile Pancake Head Fasteners for Metal and Steel Substrates Description

DMI offers a full line of low profile pancake head fasteners for metal deck, metal purlin and heavy steel substrates under the PANCLIP SD name. This is a collection of engineered fasteners for applications that require a low profile head with thread and points designed to drill and tap into metal and steel substrates. Popular installations include standing seam metal roofing, windows into steel frame, soffit and architectural cladding panel installation to steel framing. The Panclip SD line includes stainless steel self drilling screws with Miami-Dade Fastener certification listings.

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Panclip SD #12 and #14 Low Profile Pancake Head Self Drilling #3 Fasteners

#14-13 Panclip SDL Long Length Pancake Head Commercial Screws MTW/MTM/MTC Miami-Dade Listed L 21-0630.03

#14 – 13 Panclip-SS-SD-L Long Length Stainless Steel Pancake Head Screws MTW/MTM

Panclip SD Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fasteners No washer

Panclip-SD #14 HD Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fastener popular for Panel Clip to Purlin or structural steel

Panclip SD SS Stainless Steel Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fasteners #10-16, #12-14 410SS