pancon PAN*CON Concrete Pancake Screw

Panclip Low Profile Pancake Head Fasteners for Concrete or Masonry Description

Looking for a low profile head fastener specifically designed to attached fixtures and materials to masonry, concrete block or poured concrete. This new design is specifically designed for masonry substrates (predrill required) and can also be used in wood substrates. All PAN*CON fasteners are constructed of stainless steel and then feature a ASTM G85 tested coating designed for corrosion resistance. this concrete fastener is Miami-Dade Certified for corrosion and shear strengths and has a Dade County Listing number.

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XLP CON Extra Low Profile Head Screw for Masonry or Concrete Block Fastener, popular for door and window installation Miami-Dade Listing # L 19-0219.04 window screw

PAN*CON SS Low Profile Head Pancake Screw for Concrete and Masonry , Stainless Steel Concrete Screw, Dade County Listing # L 19-0219.03