do it all screw with low profile head

Panclip Low Profile Multi Purpose "all purpose" Pancake Head Fasteners Description

The PANCLIP SDL is a multi-purpose what some people would call an all purpose screw. It is designed to install into substrates such as plywood, OSB, dimensional lumber, metal decking up to 16 ga, steel framing up to 16 ga or even poured concrete (with predrill). DMI offers a full line of PANCLIP SDL fasteners from 1-1/2″ up to 10″ lengths including a selection of stainless steel sizes. The Panclip SDL #14 x 1-1/2″ screws has a Miami-Dade Fastener certification listing for corrosion resistance thanks to the DMG85 barrier coating.

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#14-13 Panclip SDL Long Length Pancake Head Commercial Screws MTW/MTM/MTC Miami-Dade Listed L 21-0630.03

#14 – 13 Panclip-SS-SD-L Long Length Stainless Steel Pancake Head Screws MTW/MTM