woodzip #10 post frame screw, economy fastener with miami dade listing, coated roofing screw

Metal to Wood Econo Metal to Wood Fasteners Description

DMI offers manufacturers and offers a wide range of economically priced entry level fasteners for metal panel to wood substrates. These offerings include the DMI brand WOODZIP fasteners that have a Miami-Dade County Listing and are code compliant to the current Florida Building Code requirements. DMI also offers alternate panel fasteners such as the #10 DirectSeal MB with the micro drill point and a selection of Woodgrip fasteners in #9, #10, #12 and #14 diameters. While the entry or economy level fasteners do not carry any warranty the coatings and platings work to provide corrosion protection in non-coastal areas. Most fasteners are packaged in 250 count bags and available in lengths ranging from 1″ to 4″ in up to 48 standard DMI colors.

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#12 Direct*Seal MP Multi Purpose Fastener HWH w/washer

#10-15 WOODZIP TP-17 Metal to Wood Fasteners with Miami-Dade Listing L 16-1206.07

#10 Direct*Seal ST Fastener with M-Bit Woodbinder Screw (self drill tip)

#9 Woodgrip Control Seal



#14 Woodgrip Tapper