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DMI Clear Metal Roofing & Construction Sealant Description

Acryl-R® SM5522 is a one-component, solvent release acrylic sealant. It is a non-corrosive sealant with excellent adhesion to PVC, aluminum, glass and a variety of painted surfaces without priming. It remains ductile in the presence of ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Can be used for sealing flashing joints, which are mechanically fixed.

•Remains permanently elastic
•Excellent adhesion to clean GALVALUME®, GALVALUME PLUS®, ACRYLUME®, ZINCALUME®, Kynar 500®, PVC, polyvinyl fluoride and siliconized polyester painted metal surfaces
•Elongation (ASTM D412) min. 200%
•Service Temperature Range 0°F to 180°F
•Peel Strength 5 p.i.w. AAMA 800-92

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5522 Acryl R Clear Acrylic Sealant

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5522 Clear information sheet

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