Self Drilling pancake head screws, Pancake head TEK screws, TEKS with low profile head, flat headed self drilling screw, self tapping pancake head

Concealed Fastener Panel Fasteners Description

The Panclip line of low profile head fasteners offers one of the largest offerings of code approved fasteners for Concealed Fastener Panel installation available. Leading design and manufacturing capabilities allow DMI to offer top quality panels for the most demanding applications.

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PAN*CON SS Low Profile Head Pancake Screw for Concrete and Masonry , Stainless Steel Concrete Screw, Dade County Listing # L 19-0219.03

#10 – 9 Panclip MTW – 1000 HR Coated Miami-Dade L16-0706.02 Pancake Head Fastener

#10-9 White Panclip MTW – 1000 HR Coated White Color Pancake Head Fastener

#14-13 Panclip SDL Long Length Pancake Head Commercial Screws MTW/MTM/MTC Miami-Dade Listed L 21-0630.03

#12 – 8 Panclip XLP MTW Nailstrip Fastener, Extra Low Profile Pancake Wafer Head screw, Miami- Dade L 21-0630.04

#10 – 9 PanclipSS 304 Stainless Steel Low Profile Pancake Head Fastener Miami Dade Listed L 15-0602.01 or 316SS Pancake Screw

#12 – 11 316 Stainless Steel Panclip SS Sharp Point Pancake Head Fastener or #12-11 x 3/4″ 304SS Pancake Screw

#14 – 13 Panclip-SS-SD-L Long Length Stainless Steel Pancake Head Screws MTW/MTM

Panclip SD Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fasteners No washer

Panclip-SD #14 HD Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fastener popular for Panel Clip to Purlin or structural steel

Panclip SD SS Stainless Steel Low Profile Head Self Drilling Fasteners #10-16, #12-14 410SS

S-5-U Clamp for Standing seam metal roof fixture attachement

S-5-N S-5 Clamp for 1″ NailStrip Standing Seam Panels