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Designed for sealing and preventing the entry of moisture, air and dust into metal lap joints, Butyl*Roll has expanded to wide range of applications. Unlike tube sealants, Butyl*Roll provides a consistent shaped bead. A premium quality sealant roll made of 100% solids, highly rubbery, sticky and is easy to apply. It shows excellent performance over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Excellent adhesion to Galvalume, and Kynar 500. 800%+ Elongation, Non-staining and permanently flexible Mold and mildew resistant, approved for Polycarbonate use Resistant to ultraviolet and infrared radiations. Made in the U.S.A.
Meets or exceeds the following specifications: MIL-C-18969B TIICB, TT-C-1996A TIICB, AAMA 904.3-92, and AAMA 807.3-92

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BUTYL ROLL BUTYL TAPE , The original Butyl*Roll Butyl Tape

BUTYL ROLL TP13 BUTYL TAPE, Type 13 Butyl Tape

DMI T3 ECONO BUTYL TAPE, Black Econo Type3 HVAC Butyl Tape