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Electrical Mast Pipe Flashings for Shingle Roofing Description

The new solution for flashing electrical mast connections on shingle roofing. Specifically designed for the residential roofing industry, compounded for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light. The base is designed to mold to most configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location. Easy to see pipe diameter markings make for an easy on-site installation. Built in 20 deg pitch allows adaptability to almost any pitch including 45 deg angles. No hassle stainless steel grippers to secure in retrofit applications. Tested to continuous 212 deg F and – 67 deg F. Not designed for use on metal roofing. 100% Made in N. American, over 50% U.S.A content B.A.P

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Residential Masterflash Retrofit EMC Flashing for Shingle Roofing Florida Building Code Approved

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