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Metal to Wood Fasteners & Post Frame Screws Description

Direct Metals Inc offers choices in entry level metal panel to wood substrate fasteners commonly used in post frame building construction. We like to think we offer the best choices in the least expensive choices in this category. Galvanized and fully coated fasteners are available to complement popular metal roofing and sidewall panel colors. Here is a quick link to a tri-fold guide to some of our most popular metal to wood panel fasteners http://directmetalsinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/DMI-Metal-To-Wood-Fastener-Selection-Guide-Metal-Roofing-Fasteners-2017.pdf .

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Metal to Wood Fastener Quick Selection Guide Tri-Fold

WoodZIP SCAMP SSC 304 Stainless Steel Cap Head Metal Roofing Fastener

#10-15 WOODZIP TP-17 Metal to Wood Fasteners with Miami-Dade Listing L 16-1206.07

#10 Direct*Seal ST Fastener with M-Bit Woodbinder Screw (self drill tip)


#14 Woodgrip Tapper


#9 – 15 TRUGRIP

#9 Woodgrip Control Seal

#12 Direct*Seal Insdrl long Length Woodscrew