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Dekfast Commercial Roofing Fasteners - Sold through 2023 Description

Low slope fastening’s premium quality DEKFAST commercial roofing fasteners provide fastening solutions for membrane and insulation attachment to many flat roof substrates.
Please note that DMI only sells this material to OEM Manufacturers and the National Roofing Wholesale Chains, Our current in house orders exceed the manufacturing capacities through March of 2023 (as of 05/19/2022).
FM Factory Mutual 4470 fasteners, plates, termination bar, and TPR rivets, many of which are Made in the U.S.A. are available for your low slope applications. DMI distributors can offer #12 all purpose screws, #14 heavy duty screw, & #15 high strength duty fasteners packaged in plastic jobsite pails. Dekfast fasteners range in lengths from 1-1/4″ all the way up to 16″ long, depending on diameter. DMI distributors can now offer #12 all purpose commercial roof screws in convenient 100 piece per package “DEKPACK” for small jobs and repairs. For 2017 there is a few changes to the DEKFAST line including some changes, additions and removals to the product offerings. One change includes all gray colored DEKFAST coatings are being changed to a black Sentri XP E coat.

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3″ Insulation Generic Stress Plates Galvanized or Galvalume

NAILIN – Drive Pin Masonry Anchors

DEKPACK 100 Count All Purpose Commercial Roofing Fasteners

DEKFAST Commercial Roofing Fasteners

#12 Dekfast Commercial Roofing Fasteners

Membrane Seam Plates Dekfast 20 GA Barbed Plates

Insulation Stress Plates Dekfast 3″ Galvalume Plates

#12 Dekfast Purlin Fasteners

#14 HD DEKFAST Screw

#14 Stainless Steel Dekfast Commercial Roofing Fasteners 410SS SD1

#15 High Strength XHD Dekfast Fasteners

Aluminum Membrane Termination Bar (Flat Ribbed)

Aluminum Termination Bar Ribbed with Sealant Ledge (kick/lip)

#14 Dekfast Nailboard / Insulated Panel Fasteners

#14 ZAC Anchor ZAC Concrete Screw